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Save Money This Fall by DIY-ing Your Décor

In Budget & Financing, San Diego Homes by Robert Beck

When the leaves start changing colors, the interior decorator inside every homeowner starts growing restless. After all, the changing of the seasons is an excellent excuse to refresh your home décor. But if you’re not careful, redecorating can quickly get out of hand and out of budget. Thankfully, there are some easy, budget-friendly ways to spice up your home’s décor ...
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When to Skimp and When to Splurge When Decorating Your Home

In Budget & Financing by Robert Beck

Decorating a home can be exciting, but also expensive, leaving many homeowners asking themselves how much they should budget. The good news is creating your dream home doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag if you mix high and low-cost items. There are certain items where it is okay to skimp, but others you should pay more to ...