Spring Style Refresh – Easy Seasonal Updates for the Home

In San Diego Homes by Amanda Elhaj

The sun is shining, temperatures are warming, and spring is in the air throughout San Diego. While spring cleaning often remains on the top of our to-do lists this season, spring style updates can help spruce up your home and make your space feel fresh. From houseplants to printed pillows, these easy updates serve major spring style.

Clear the Clutter

It can be hard to keep everything organized. If you’re struggling to find a place to put things away, start looking for smarter storage solutions. Open shelving, decorative baskets, and roomy sideboards are great ways to tuck away your belongings or display them stylishly.

Sprinkle in Bright Colors

Swapping out pillows, blankets, and artwork is a great way to customize your home for spring. Focus on bright colors and lighter fabrics, and you can refresh your space in an afternoon.

Transform a Blank Space

If you have a room just begging for style, brighten it up for spring. Add life to a neutral palette with bold patterns, Bohemian textures, and nature-infused elements for an added pop.

Focus on Function

Make your kitchen feel more pointed and functional by taking a moment to organize your tools and workspace. Make sure the items that you need are accessible and right where you need them.

Welcome Spring into Your Home

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can pretend you’re a gardening expert by adding some greenery to your home. Vibrant plant motifs – whether real or fake – are a simple way to remind yourself to enjoy the great outdoors.

Shine Light on Outdoor Spaces

When you live in San Diego, you probably want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. Don’t be afraid to bring fresh elements of home outside. Add vibrant pillows, dress up the walls, and prepare those valuable outdoor spaces for warmer days ahead.

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