How to Prep Your Home for Family Gatherings Around the Holidays

In San Diego Homes by Robert Beck

If you have decided to host a holiday family gathering, you may already feel the stress of that responsibility. While you want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, you also don’t want to be too overwhelmed to appreciate it yourself. Fortunately, a little planning will help you manage the experience more easily.

Work Out the Flow
Parties and gatherings may not have been top of mind when buying your home, but you can still optimize your floor plan for your guests. Your goal should be to create an organic flow that leads people from the entrance to the entertainment areas. To do this, you can create a different station or area for each stop in a new guest’s arrival.

Designate a space for coats and other outerwear. Decide which rooms will serve as the main gathering areas. Set up a cart or table for snacks and beverages. Controlling the flow in this way will go far in helping you to keep things running smoothly in your San Diego home.

Make the Most of Your Space with a Little Rearranging
Even if your San Diego home is smaller than you would like for a large gathering, you can take steps to maximize the living space. Instead of creating a vacant wedge with sofas and loveseats, set furniture flush against the wall. If you have a long coffee table, consider putting end tables in storage.

Look for other furnishings that you can move or store to maximize the open floor space in your California home. You can also store clutter, such as magazines and fragile knickknacks, to make more room.

Tastefully Prepare Your Bathrooms for Extra Use
For the consideration of your guests, ensure your bathrooms are well-stocked in advance. Buy extra bathroom and facial tissue, and store them openly so guests can grab a fresh supply as needed. You may need a surplus of items like hand soap as well, and don’t forget to store additional guest towels in a clear, obvious spot.

You can also use this opportunity to spruce up your bathrooms and keep your guests in a festive mood even when they’re away from the main event. Use an oil diffuser, scented candles, or air fresheners to keep a pleasant scent in your bathrooms.

An easy way to tie the room together is with a common theme. For example, you can buy cinnamon-scented hand soap to go along with an apple and cinnamon air freshener.

Restore that New Home Feel
Set aside a day for cleaning just before your guests are due to arrive. This should be a deep cleaning that involves cleaning the rugs and carpets and mopping the floors. Don’t forget to dust, clean the windows, and scrub problem areas.

Decorative soaps and aromatherapy candles in the bathroom can help you create a pleasant atmosphere. You can use candles, air fresheners, and other scented items to create an oceanside theme.

Don’t Get Carried Away
Finally, remember that your emotional health throughout the experience is as important as the party details. Take time for yourself. Spend some time with your loved ones. Sprinkling some relaxing activities into your routine will help you to feel better prepared for a house filled with guests.